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Goverance: With the increased use of partner testing services we can provide governance services. We will work closely with your partners whether they are based near or offshore to ensure the final quality and level of testing is as would be expected had it been undertaken in house.


We can act as your conduit between the business and testing partners. This will enable you to align the testing goals to the project and business requirements.


Detailed Test Planning: Testing can be a complex process that can be made much simpler by good planning ahead of the test execution phase. 

The outputs in the planning will generally be Test Strategies / Approach documents and Detailed Testing Plans. Broadly speaking the Strategy will tell your stakeholders the scope of the testing and identify any risks and the Plans will detail the day by day planned execution. 

Test Planning Documentation can be summarised as a ‘document describing the scope, approach, resources and schedule of intended testing activities’. 


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Test Management: The execution of the plan and the strategy. We can provide support and test management services whether you are testing in house or with third party partners. 

Successful test management requires a pragmatic approach in the fast moving business environments in which projects often need to be delivered. Understanding that business and financial pressures as well as technical challenges will all have an impact on the testing and juggling the requirements of all three is what we do best. 


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Defect Management: We offer our clients support in the planning and day to day management of their project defects. 

We can write and implement a solid defect management process whether your project is wholly in house or uses one or multiple third party partners both on and offshore. 

We can advise on Tools both in house or hosted by a third party.

A well managed defect process is crucial to closing the loop between requirements, implementation, verification and validation. 


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